We watched a movie at the beginning of the week called the Curious Life of Benjamin Button and being a long one watched it over 3 nights. No actors or actresses of note but it brought up an interesting discussion about how we feel around the world.

Sometimes it seems we are travelling like salmon upstream against the flow yet we are being looked after and a sense that the universe is working out . The problems can come in comments people make, lack of reply to messages and phone call not returned . However we still continue and recognise this world is not perfect. Once we recognise this we have hope and can continue to do things for people and know that the tide will turn in our favour.

For me this happened on the weekend as I looked at all the things we accomplished in my weekly planner. There were some real challenging times but above all the positives outweighs the negatives. And I learned a new word from my wife who is an expert in fashion. After visiting a parade the men wore a Kaftan which means long loose dress. Thank my facilitators from Milwaukee.

Addendum: My apologies a couple of well known actors do appear in movie above.