Movie ‘Brooklyn’

I had an interesting conversation with my wife about what the main character and her decision.   Should she have stayed in Ireland or go back to Brooklyn. I thought she would enjoy her life in Brooklyn with the baseball mad Italian . My wife  thought she had it all going back to Ireland and finding a job and meeting Mr right with a beautiful home.


My wife also thought she should have not been coerced into marrying him before heading back to Ireland to bury her sister. Her mother had no relatives  anymore and she had a ready made husband. Her best friend was there too about to get married.She could have sort out the priest earlier to make sure she was okay to make such a big decision in a place she felt alone in. She was living in a boarding house where she was the only one who passed her studies. She had want to become a bookkeeper .

There were moments in the movie where she listened to advice, when she broke news to her boss ‘ her boss replied An Italian that doesn’t follow baseball , now that’s a catch’When she found out he did follow baseball she seemed to go quiet on him.Another time she had wanted to be picked to dance  at the ball’ she did not give herself a chance to explore other men’