Sometimes going into unfamiliar environments put you in uncomfortable places and test your character.

On the weekend my wife and I we are invited to a choral event in the north of Adelaide to a town called Kapunda.

The first test was finding the route to the jolly destination, for no written directory could explain the no of highways produced in the last ten years. So by the time we were frustrated with each other in my estimates , we decided to use smart phones.

Now mine wasn’t charged enough so I took her more delicate phone  and punched in my destination.

Kapunda and the map was leading to where I was and punched in prospect road.

Well Siri voice came up and told us to travel 400 mtrs down the road and the look of relief on my wife’s face was one you couldn’t buy. So now we could relax a bit for me to find a place where we could have some lunch,it was originally going to be a uber eat burger for a special price of 2 bucks.

However we didn’t factor in that the morning was the race of city bay marathon so they had block off the access to roads to petrol eatery station.

I saw a QTR flicker in the outside of my eye so we proceed into there where I was
greeted by new male attendants looking like they could accomodate anything.

So I let fly with a burger with the lot and after they said no to that and could see they were smiling I reneged with a Moes hotdog with ketchup. I mentioned about American ascents and it brought up the topic of New York. I mentioned there were many burroughs there with many ascents. He said he only has ketchup which of course is American. I asked him originally to cut into two and he had kindly placed them into two packets for us both  and bags.

So off we went and i finally managed to eat mine after resting the phone on the
dashboard. It worked for a while and later i discovered a better spot in partition  as if it was meant to go there.I actually enjoyed moes as I read the carton on the packet as we got further out the country opened up into paddocks some  colorful with Canola.  We went past an airport and my wife spotted gliders and garages.

As we got onto Thiele highway my wife was quite relaxed as there were 20 or so km to go and siri had earned her pay. When we arrived in Kapunda we were greeted by  ‘ the Miner ‘ who looked shiny . First stop was to find the bakery in order to eat. Bad news bakery was closed but there was a hint of bakery on sign in supermarket so I followed the smell. The result was a vanilla slice for my wife .

As we filled up on our food at the QTR and went walkabout we messaged our friends that we arrived . After no message back after while we had a drive around the town.

And we managed to find the hall and our friends in a long cue of people down the street.

I was a bit lost with all the commotion of people that I gave Peter a peck on cheek , I think he was still okay with that. Doug  and I talked local footy as we snailed up the line towards the hall. As we entered the hall there came Verity  with a message that it is packed and that I saved seats but only two thinking we were both already in hall. [Those Victorian welsh man had brought up visitor numbers meaning it was standing room only.]

Not sure how my wife felt but she seemed keen to drive around town and look at Verity’s sisters house . We knew we were at right house as the dog barked as we entered the verandah. What struck me about the house was the little bridge over it ,in case it rains you have a  natural river. The weather being warm was perfect for sight seeing so it seemed a blessing in disguise not to go to concert.