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Some people and teams are under closer scrutiny than others particularly those with large followers. Therefore I spare a thought for the coach of the largest football club in Australia . The team lost the grand final by less than a goal in last 2 minutes of game. Click on above and you will see a picture of the players after the grand final .

However if you could  look behind the scenes during the year and you can  see  the coach transform his team into winners . Why  he has the youngest player in his team sharing stories in the huddle  to make his players laugh which makes them play better. He also has introduced an American into his team for the first time∗ I have noticed a subtle change in the coach while his team plays to more relaxed. He seems a man happy with his lot . Now let me go back to grand final day to show you this.

The coach was  consoling his lady cheer squad  leader when the banner broke before the players ran out. I also heard that he comforted the runner who was on the  ground in wrong place at wrong time who  blocked the path of one of his players. I also saw him giving hugs to his players after the grand final and stand by them while the presentations were being held. In a world that measures success down to the nth degree, give this man peace to know he did his best.

∗ included in New game tryouts