Sometimes I need to look beyond the obvious and today in the cafe was a good example.

Here was a busy cafe and I was just taking a breather before work. I noticed a waitress  going around trying to off load two drinks which were loaded to the brim. It was like watching gymnastics as well as orienteering. As I noticed her willingness to keep calm asking me if these were mine it seemed a chaos situation with more customers arriving .  For sure  along comes a smiling confident staff member who proceeded to redirect  her  as there were two different orders. I could see an older man bemused sitting opposite  but it reminded me that we all began somewhere in life. This girl was being watched also from the Barista and it was his cue to direct his smiling staff to her situation. Sometimes we get a bit lost but we can be rescued if we keep trying . However beyond that I saw that there is order when things look out of control at first sight. Enough of that  deepness now as I am jolted back into my reality  to find a phone battery at a half decent price.

By the way I now know why this is a given for my wife’s  favourite cafe. Oh that latte and lemon polenta up there.