I was brought up with dogs, apparently I am allergic to cat fur. And its been confirmed so why have I a cat. It at times has sit  uncomfortably with me but it was the wishes of my wife that we had an animal and we live in confined area. He is a foster cat one who was heading to the pound.

Well its eleven years later and as ours goes in for a catscan(not a pun)  at the vet I can say that he hasn’t been much bother to me , he has needed to be different and he was.

Our cat  enjoys  a  drives occasionally, one time he sat in back for 1800 kms when we moved.   He likes to follow me down the street and with help of wife’s daughter now likes to have a short sit on my lap. At times he  comes out of the bushes to greet me and misses us when we are away. He is attached  to his little furry  friend who was a gift from one of our boys.

So I went against the grain to have a cat and now  I have love for him like no other.  So hang in there Lemo you needed to be different and you are.