Isn’t it interesting  how some people in our families are gregarious. They  think nothing of moving or going interstate but  others like me find it daunting. I have such a background of connections where I live that seem interwoven into my very being. It makes me feel proud that these connections exist. I am definitely very grounded in an area and so I hope that the only move in the future is to the adjoining suburb and nothing more.

Which is why I am a little sad of our neighbours being asked to move. She is like a hummingbird never stops chatting with our neighbours.   She has however trouble with the  stairs .He is more like a rock and can been seen at dusk   sitting outside on his porch in the corner listening  with his beats.

I remember when they arrived as we helped lug  furniture to their house. She likes nothing more than to buzz around in and out, I rarely see him but he is there if you know what I mean. We popped by the other day with a spare pizza he was the devourer but she still had  a piece . Maybe showing them the local pizza bar might twist them our way, yet maybe not.

I keep believing in a miracle that they will get a reprieve. Am I getting older or have I had too many moves ? I just don’t know how to finish this only hope I am not here if that day does come.