There are  moments in your life in which the reality of whats coming is almost too hard to comprehend. My wife’s family I met just over a year from when we first were together. As to my my extended family this visit has been over twenty years in the making.Sure I send Christmas presents to the children with cards to welcome them to our family. I have found that there has not always been a response. And 18 years ago I had planned to have a long talk to them while on a stopover in Milan. Yes this did not eventuate as well. The only connection had been some thank you letters direct and a brief call when on the phone. Only recently I did get a wonderful surprise when she sent some bird candles after christmas.

More recently I thought I might have a conversation when they were moving back to be with their parents. No, that didn’t happen either yet still I sent christmas presents. I here comments from my mother to her sister not always positive. My mum and her sister do have their moments but they are close.  This is not exactly inspiring confidence to visit a forgotten cousin who I visited with affection as a teenager. Anyway one particular thursday morning routine visit Mum said something happened out of the blue. She said to ring my cousin and so I did and it was like this is what I am talking about, this was really happening. It was such a loving response over the phone it brought me to visit this much loved cousin. So here I am over the other side of the country ringing her to find a time when all the family are home.

Another yes and it was like breaking an invisible barrier that had been there a very long time. So next thing is to find a housewarming gift to greet them in what will be mixed with fear and excitement.