So here we are on the main drag into the outskirts of Brisbane and Siri comes into action again waking us up again … in 300 metres and our journey into the unknown
comes into view. There it is no its Red… so we keep going and its like nowhere else with streets heading off in all directions. We end up behind this motorcade of old vintage cars. So whats the hurry, and the land looks very much like a New Zealand country road ironically. I tell my cousin on phone that as I explain the road to her. She doesn’t know it so we plug more info into phone. We follow Siri’s lead which leads to another dead out its the wrong Banks. So I ring her up again and she still doesnt know. Enter Siri again and we finally get to our destination. We are greeted by a friendly man who makes the effort worthwhile. Then my cousin and then the children, and the beautiful dog . Later we go out to a restaurant they have only been for breakfast. The restaurant was particularly good because it was outside overlooking a magnificent lake . B looks like his mother and L looks like her father. We went past B’s school and P shared about his work. My cousin was the taxi driver and dog walker. L shared she misses her old school. The relationships between family seem close which I had thought so before we met. As we came home the beautiful girl howled as we entered the home for one last time. It was hard to leave as it was like a getting to know session in a course. Later I sent a gift with card to thank them for their hospitality.


Apologies I do have another cousin who is like my other brothers and I say hope you okay too trust you got my present.