So here we are in the heart of the Mary valley  at Kenilworth where there is a cheese factory.

We can see workers sloshing around in gumboots working the produce in large vats to create the perfect taste.

So far we have tasted at the factory, the bakery and Mrs McGinns and its been hard to fault.

We are opposite the sportsfield/ showground with pool one side and a caravan park on the other. The above photo is taken by me near the showground.

We have fruit bats at night and kookaburras that appear to be  laughing . Also cockatoos who  swarm the trees at times of the day.

There is a mural video below  at the bakery which was done by me about an artist from the south who combines music legends with tempting items  in the bakery on corrugated iron. This mural combines artwork in a setting of herbs and different sounding birds outside.


The video below is a remote place where only campers get too and you  need a 4wheel drive. There is a resident catfish who I found in the depths.