I bumped into a local tennis player/administrator at the shops yesterday.  I grew up playing tennis. Neighbours would see tennis balls fly over the fence as I hit on the tennis board . It was my stability in my early years you could say.

I was privileged enough to play alongside some who made it to the top of the tree.

I have some memorable matches that my mother watched with me and my father drove me too and those comebacks will stay with me together. Later on in my life my wife has done likewise and there are moments I have also not been proud of myself on  the court. All tennis players seem to aspire to be like another player and I was definitely one of those people.

So when I had a sabbatical from the sport I loved as a child I was a trainer at a football club which restored my trust in team sport again. I sang the song with them as we shared football week by week. (I always liked the grass on my feet and watching the seagulls dash for cover) It was nice touch they acknowledged my commitment at an awards night.

Since I have come back I have reconnected with some of those tennis people . All I aspire to is to pick up a racquet and play. One was my opponent in team tennis( thought he was a bit of a smart allic back then, now I know different) which I was fortunate to win an award. We now play together socially helping others to enjoy this sport too.

As the Pinnacle of tennis hits fever pitch this week with the Australian open spare a thought for those local players who loved you to remind you how important you are. After all old players never die they just make a racquet(Joke)

This blog is my award to my brothers and sisters who loved me.