This poem was published in the Rotaract magazine by me and my wife

asked me to post it online so here it is . The first three verses

are before the Landlord does rental  inspection and last three after he visits.


(I was only a visitor to the abode then   but  only rented first time about

20 years later so I have a unique understanding)


This was the Angus Abode

a place where grass was mowed

when the landlord came down to explore

what did we have in store


So neat and tidy it seemed

this must be all a dream

for come one day before

you are out on the street for sure


The dishes, the stains and oh

to heck with the window panes

But out of this came a violent storm

Human frenzy from dusk till dawn


Soon came the time to peer

but not yet in the clear

for up he crept to check

all and every living speck


He left us all a cheque

and made us all a wreck

so now we have the bond

its time to all move on


So goodbye to the Angus abode

for all who came to sow

music dance and play

whenever it came our way

© 1990   chrissweeklyblogdotcom


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