So finished work with a  cup of tea. We decided to head out north for our anniversary through the suburbs  for about 45 minutes.  Anyway we came to Campbell town  onto the Gorge  scenic drive and after a couple of km’s  we headed up.  This is where the scenery changed to high cliffs , bush and large dams. The Tour down under* come along this road *

Contractors on the Kangaroo Creek dam (to be completed in November) use this road as well as tourists and  bike riders.

So we got to Cudlee Creek finally and it didn’t disappoint.

We had three hours in the Gorge wildlife sanctuary which I think is up there with one of the best in Australia . A picture of my wife with a koala .083 (2)

I enjoyed interacting with   the marmosets who are in pairs and are completely at home there one was being groomed by his partner.  I noticed a lyrebird with her two offspring heading along the path . What I like about this park is some birds  are  free to roam into enclosures.

I also liked the nocturnal section and I enjoyed the  blue crayfish and iguana’s. Z liked the camels particularly as they lean sideways as you feed them over the fence. Also the cervel cat which was basking when it was seen. There is a farm nursery with a sheep and goat quick to gobble up  feed .I liked looking at the different birds and was amazed of some never seen before.

We took a drive to Gumeracha which is larger town  and has some interesting scenery as well. It is famous for the large rocking horse and makes wooden toys.

On the way back I took a few pictures of the dam which is being raised so cover flood damage and earthquakes. Along the road the cliffs are so steep in some sections wired is used to protect against falling rocks. In winter the frost can cause visibility problems .

187 Here outside our breakfast eatery.193 Here is the dam.


There is a vineyard here and the Sauvignon  Blanc was up with the best.

All in all Cudlee Creek is a place not to be missed in the Adelaide Hills. It is best discovered with a local who know the roads too.


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