Here I am about to write a post and our latest edition Cedar has come to say hello. We were suppose to have a female cat from a foster family but granddaughter intervened and we have an almost three year old burmese.( This one would have no home too moving house )

So we have had less sleep and I have become like  a father again so excuse [-=p34ws2ppikjj yes he just wrote  burmese . I also had an invoice from the vet(been paid urghhh!)  (so I have memories of my old lemo too and a bit grumpy)

I will give you  a picture sometime of him( like cedar in wood color and soft shorthaired) but for now lets just say its a settling in period .

I said to my pastor I need time to meditate now so this is a short post to say hello to all. I hope that you have had time to smell the roses( its true I had to  prune back the bushes for my mother today) and don’t mind being pricked , its a reminder of my mood.