As my mother has got older she has been sharing about her good neighbour Edward Suttie who was like a grandfather she never had.

She talked about the german shephard dog Rover he sent down a station on the train in a crate, she showed me a picture of her father with the dog. Suttie nearly always spoke Mum in a soft voice and they would go down to his wheat/sheep property on some weekends. It takes about an hour today from Ballarat to Quambatook back then horse and buggy could be quite a trip. It was a farm with chickens etc.

This dog became a best friend to her father Sam and as he was a Bowling club greenkeeper at Ballarat. The dog would know to walk carefully around the green( like those tennis players who never walk on lines between breaks) to greet him when the SPC siren went off for a lunch break. This would mean they would go home for lunch. Other times all it took was for Sam to whistle or say here Rover and he was faster than a jack rabbit up a drain pipe.

Sam was a war veteran who was light horseman who was given a parcel of land in Ballarat as a reward for service. I always remember the red wooden fence which was popular with big bull ants that seemed to have many lives.Click on blue suttie   to see stamp album he had who I have now in my possession.

Edward lived till 94 died in 1963 and his wife’s name was Olivia. Sam passed away when I was a youngster I somehow remember that cold day.Suttie

Footnote” Discovered he was called ‘George’ as well.