So here are after making an effort to clear our pathway ahead and after resistance from our closest find ourselves on our way to Kapunda again. Peter would not be present this time as he was not well.

This time we have our first trip away from Cedar so its a bit of a test.

This time there was no cancelling of event in fact we were one of the first ones there at the opening of the  town square. This included seeing the town mayor and being sworn in by an apologetic aboriginal elder with his children in a smoking ceremony. Interesting one of the sound guys use to work in the grocery store which was pulled down to make this square, yes can’t get enough of a good thing.

I was able to destress I felt a bit like a zombie for it took me a while to chill, anyway the primary school singers let out some patriotic songs to start. Smoke got in our eyes(is that words in a song) with the aboriginal leaves on fire.

I watched the football later and that was good although the majority of others were unhappy. It was good to see the lake with the water birds one particularly taking up seat on a piece of water apparatus in middle looked like a heron. I saw some lights reflected off the lake which appeared to be moving in following morning before dawn. After my ephinany moment last week it reminded me to  reflect on our God.

Tea was magnificent as we shared with the owners and in turn we had a history lesson. I found out the pub changed its name from its Irish Scottish and Celtic roots .This pub was apparently a beacon to many workers coming into the district as it had a light on its roof.I decided to have a different meal and went with the spare ribs.

Sunday was the treat with breakfast on our hosts and a drive to the mine . We got to check out the Whim  and as I turned it there were ropes moving and pulleys clanging as I acted like the draught horse in pulling up the mineral bucket .(not like in a whim saying at all)

Later I walked up to the restored Mill lookout to see the other mine where our accomodation was. And what  a view it was……

Back home for lunch with the animals .

Afterwards our timing was perfect as the opening  of  a gallery event with an away team Gawler represented  as well which was terrific my wife the beneficiary of some nice earrings . *Verity  and sister giving good advice to keep them on .

* names have been changed to keep anonymity