Beef redang curry green in colour  is quite spicy where Indian butter chicken orange in colour  is not so. Both go well Basati rice with tumeric  spices and cloves with Papadams (looks a bit like a screwed up face ). Its interesting how much Indian cooking comes into my kitchen . It seems that colour is a big part of cooking . Also adding saffron in rice gives a rich yellow colour to rice.

I learnt in going to Charminar restaurant  ‘ meaning 16 th century monument with four towers  in Hyperdad’  Collins English dictionary. It  it is not good to combine too many dishes. The sweets contain condensed milk, ( mild yellow color ) which is rich so not too much for me.

Of course if you are fully into the meal  ask  wife ,she is a bigger fan of naan bread ( like a calico  cloth colour) than me . She  soaks up flavour with it  as prefers less spicy meals (yes watch the chillis)

My next dish to try is Lamb Korma  which is an old meal  and different color again.

My apology to original chefs from India on my color coding.