titled ‘ Hi Mark ‘

I bumped into an old work colleague today as I scrambled out to go to work. I met him just outside the shops and he gave me such a warm welcome I am reminded of an equally warm mate who is well travelled .

I met him playing tennis socially and he was recognisable from  his charismatic approach on the court , that I couldn’t resist saying hello to him . We played some doubles and heaps of talking between points that would put any  politician to shame.

‘So G’day mate ‘as he is more Aussie than he  thinks he is, a true blue community man  who cares about the underdog.

You have been a valuable member of our community in tennis and we just wanted to say thank you to your commitment to our Aussie community and enjoy your life in Sydney community .

Tuesday night tennis group

ps As you grieve loss of your father remember your heavenly one understands