MV5BOTgzN2E5MGItZjBkYS00NWUxLWI1ZTItM2U1ODJjZDA1MGM4XkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNjkzODMxNTY@._V1_UY98_CR1,0,67,98_AL_My wife and I watched an unusual movie the other night that looked like was set in second  war time.

The time of the war  and the characters   left an impression on us both. Alot of strange things happened when second world war began and this was one of them.

It was a scandal to marry out of wedlock and this is what happened. Twins were born and one had to go to Sweden to live while the other was brought up normally with her brother and sisters.

During the war families had to move into safer areas and one went to be with her grandparents. This was where the majority of the movie was set from a large mansion of a house which included an undertaker as a grandfather and a priest living down stairs.

The house being home to an undertaker meant there were times of stress when they needed to prepare the body for viewing etc which meant that everyone pitched in. One of my favourite scenes was when the grandfather insisted his son and family to dig the caste out from the gravesite in the rain as the father was coming to view the body.

After the mother died in a plane crash the other twin came down from Sweden to assist in house cleaning and this is where things got uncomfortable. One sister approved the other tried to send her back and the grandmother wanted her to stay.

The grandmother shared her secret with her daughter and from then on she felt accepted in the house. The grandfather was not  agreeable but allowed her to stay.

The grandfathers son liked her and he was uncomfortable for a while with her, a little nasty at first. But they slowly warmed to each other and he invited her to the beach .

This was where love was expressed which led to a Grand  Ball where it became pivotal to three relationships where love was expressed.

Three marriages resulted in the coming back of the forgotten twin and the movie showed raw emotion which remained with you.

Cudos to producers.